cvs commit: ports/security/stunnel Makefileports/security/stunnel/files ssl-noengine.patch

Peter Pentchev roam at
Thu Sep 2 08:46:15 PDT 2004

roam        2004-09-02 15:46:15 UTC

  FreeBSD ports repository

  Modified files:
    security/stunnel     Makefile 
  Added files:
    security/stunnel/files ssl-noengine.patch 
  Fix the bus error on startup in -CURRENT and 5.x-BETA.  It turns out
  that the OpenSSL ENGINE code is, well, somewhat less than stellar,
  especially in combo with malloc's 'j' option.  Even without it, though,
  there are some problems that I don't have time to look into right now.
  So, disable the OpenSSL ENGINE activation on FreeBSD 5.x, unless
  the WITH_STUNNEL_SSL_ENGINE knob is turned on.  Also, while I'm here,
  fix the CONFIGURE_TARGET so the GNU configure script does not complain
  quite so loudly.  Bump PORTREVISION for the functionality change
  (well, I guess you could say "not working" -> "working" is a functionality
  change ;)
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.55      +21 -1     ports/security/stunnel/Makefile
  1.1       +11 -0     ports/security/stunnel/files/ssl-noengine.patch (new)

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