cvs commit: src/sys/kern kern_subr.c

Don Lewis truckman at
Tue Oct 12 15:20:58 PDT 2004

On 12 Oct, Don Lewis wrote:
> On 12 Oct, Alfred Perlstein wrote:
>> I like this, my only concern is that there may be places that
>> call this with locks held but with the kernel/user buffer wired
>> so that it can't fault.
>> Are you sure this isn't the case?  (specifically for some sysctls)
> There are a number of sysctl handlers where I added code to wire the
> buffer so that there was no danger of sleeping while a mutex is held.
> Allocating a kernel buffer and doing an extra copy would be ugly.

Oh, nevermind.  The sysctl handlers use copyout(), not uiomove().  Doing
Adding WITNESS_WARN() to uiomove() is probably a good thing.

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