cvs commit: ports/multimedia/vlc Makefile distinfo patch-modules-demux-livedotcom.cpp patch-modules_gui_ncurses.c theora.c-patch

Michael Johnson ahze at
Tue Nov 16 13:59:37 PST 2004

ahze        2004-11-16 21:59:37 UTC

  FreeBSD ports repository

  Modified files:
    multimedia/vlc       Makefile distinfo 
    multimedia/vlc/files patch-configure 
  Added files:
    multimedia/vlc/files patch-modules_gui_ncurses.c 
  Removed files:
    multimedia/vlc/files patch-modules-demux-livedotcom.cpp 
  - Update to 0.8.1
  - Default X11 interface is now WxWindows (gtk2.0 version)
  - Removed Gtk 1.2 & Gnome 1.4 support. (depreciated to wxgtk)
  - Removed WITH_AUTODETECT, vlc is very modular at runtime
  - Add skins2 interface (similar to xmms)
  - Merge mad and id3lib support (can be disabled with WITHOUT_MAD)
  - Added support for a mozilla plugin
     Lots of stuff obtained from ports/www/mplayer-plugin
     and some help from marcus
  - Auto-generated pkg-plist (make life EASY :) )
  - s/Linux/FreeBSD/ through out the program.
  - Statically link to libavcodec/libavformat from vlc's supported
    ffmpeg snapshot for greater performance.
  - Knob Changes or New Knobs:
     WITHOUT_FAAD   (Enabled default)
     WITHOUT_FLAC   (Enabled default)
     WITHOUT_DTS    (Enabled default)
     WITHOUT_DVD    (Enabled default)
     WITHOUT_CDROM  (Enabled default, this is vcd & cddb support)
     WITHOUT_LAME   (Enabled default)
     WITHOUT_MAD    (Enabled default)
     WITHOUT_HTTPD  (Enabled default)
     WITHOUT_VORBIS (Enabled default)
     WITHOUT_LIBMATROSKA (Enabled default)
     WITHOUT_LIVEMEDIA   (Enabled default)
     WITHOUT_SDL         (Enabled default)
     WITHOUT_SLP         (Enabled default)
     WITHOUT_LIBMPEG2    (Enabled default)
     WITH_MOZILLA_PLUGIN (Disabled default, defaults to www/mozilla if defined)
     WITH_ARTS      (Disabled default)
     WITH_TOOLAME   (Disabled default)
     WITH_LIBCACA   (Disabled default)
     WITH_LIBTREMOR (Disabled default)
     WITH_LIBTHEORA (Disabled defalut)
     WITH_OPENGL    (Disabled default)
     WITH_SSL       (Disabled default)
     WITH_SVG       (Disabled default)
     WITH_SKINS     (Disabled default)
     DEBUG          (Disabled default)
  Note: WITH_ Knobs are disabled default unless auto-detected
        WITHOUT_ Knobs are enabled default unless defined
  Please read the first section of  ports/multimedia/Makefile before building
  to tune VLC towards your personal preferences.
  ffmpeg-patch partly obtained from gentoo
  Approved by:    pav (co mentor)
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.66      +466 -137  ports/multimedia/vlc/Makefile
  1.15      +6 -2      ports/multimedia/vlc/distinfo
  1.7       +7 -16     ports/multimedia/vlc/files/patch-configure
  1.2       +0 -73     ports/multimedia/vlc/files/patch-modules-demux-livedotcom.cpp (dead)
  1.1       +29 -0     ports/multimedia/vlc/files/patch-modules_gui_ncurses.c (new)
  1.2       +0 -11     ports/multimedia/vlc/files/theora.c-patch (dead)

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