cvs commit: ports/mail/mimedefang/files patch-embperl.c

Martin Blapp mbr at
Tue Jun 29 16:25:09 PDT 2004

mbr         2004-06-29 23:24:41 UTC

  FreeBSD ports repository

  Added files:
    mail/mimedefang/files patch-embperl.c 
  Plug a big memleak in the mimedefang embedded perl mode. The fix seems
  to be FreeBSD specific, other platforms (linux,solaris) have other problems
  The global variable "PL_perl_destruct_level" needs to be set to "1" before
  the destructor perl_destruct() is called, not afterwards. It is not clear why
  this has to be done, since "PL_perl_destruct_level" should be defined static.
  Without this fix "PL_perl_destruct_level" is always "0" when the destructor
  gets called.
  This fix has an effect only if "MX_EMBED_PERL=yes" is set in the startup-
  script which is needed to run mimedefang in the embedded perl mode. You
  should use perl 5.8.4 too to have it working properly.
  The fix has been committed to mimedefang 2.44-BETA-1.
  Reviewed by:            David F. Skoll <dfs at>
  Not reviewed by:        Maintainer (no reply)
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1       +20 -0     ports/mail/mimedefang/files/patch-embperl.c (new)

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