cvs commit: src/lib/libarchive archive_read_extract.c

Bruce Evans bde at
Mon Jun 7 05:48:26 GMT 2004

On Sun, 6 Jun 2004, Tim Kientzle wrote:

> Bruce Evans wrote:
> > On Sun, 6 Jun 2004, Tim Kientzle wrote:
> >>The default padding behavior for bsdtar was changed quite
> >>a while ago to not pad regular files; are you sure you're up-to-date?
> >
> > Yes; not padding is a bug and the above says that I have it.
> I've discussed padding issues with a number of people, and
> the following behavior seems acceptable to most.  If you have
> reasons to disagree, please let me know:
> ...
> That is, archives written to regular files are not
> padded unless you explicitly specify a block size.
> ...
> (I just realized that padding when -b is explicitly
> specified is broken in -CURRENT; I'll commit the
> fix for that shortly.)

I only really care about this case.  Different behaviour for regular
files in the default case is just surprising.

> >>>bsdtar cf z foo/:
> >>
> >>Here, bsdtar cf z foo/  does follow the symlink, which I
> >>presume you believe to be the correct behavior?
> >
> > Yes.  foo/ is not a symlink (the slash forces folling the symlink) in the
> > kernel, so it should do so in utilities too.
> Good, then you agree that bsdtar does the right thing
> in this example.

The behaviour actually seems to be semi-random.  When I first tried
it yesterday. bsdtar followed the symlink.  It stopped following the
symlink before I wrote the mail.  Today with up to date libachive and
tar, it started with not following the symlink, then switched to
following it after I tried putting the symlink in a diferent directory
(/var/tmp/foo ->/tmp instead of /tmp/foo ->/tmp) and then moved back
to it being in /tmp.  Of course, I can't get it to fail again.  I
remember one sign of the problem in truss output: when bsdtar didn't
follow the symlink, it exited soon after __acl_mumble() returned ELOOP
(it was silent about this error and exited with status 0).  The file
system doesn't have acls, and all the acl calls return EOPNOTSUPP when
bsdtar works correctly.


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