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Doug Barton <DougB at> writes:
> Dag-Erling Smørgrav wrote:
> > Wrong.  His middle name is S because his parents wanted to honor both
> > his grandfathers (whose first names both began with S) without
> > favoring one over the other.
> I've also heard that this was the cover story that his handlers invented
> to explain why he added the "middle initial." Either way, if his middle
> name IS "S," then it's not an initial.

Aren't conspiracy theories great?  But he already spelled his name
that way in 1919, as evidenced by his wedding invitations - unless
those are fabrications?  The campaign posters from when he ran for
county judge in 1921 must also be fabrications.

> As the page you quoted says, it's done both ways (and was by Truman as
> well).

Nice way of twisting it to your advantage - what that page does say is
that journalists started writing it without a period in the 1960s, and
that the Chicago Manual of Style, the US Government Printing Office
Style Manual and others all agree that there should be a period.
Sounds pretty unanimous to me.

> (BTW, the Truman library has a vested interest in making sure that he
> continues to look statesmanlike, so I don't consider them a neutral
> source of information.) :)

They were probably the ones on the grassy knoll, as well.  The

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