cvs commit: src/sys/kern kern_event.c src/sys/sys eventvar.h

Alfred Perlstein alfred at
Wed Jul 14 12:10:03 PDT 2004

* Robert Watson <rwatson at> [040714 11:56] wrote:
> On Wed, 14 Jul 2004, Alfred Perlstein wrote:
> > Do we have this on the plate?  Or are you stalling my work based simply
> > on wishful thinking? :) 
> There are two outstanding patch sets that add locking to kqueue:
> - Brian Feldman's "kqgiant" changes, which I'm in the process of updating
>   in Perforce and adapting for your recent additions of fs kqueue events.
> - John-Mark Gurney's "data locking kqueue" changes, which he's currently
>   working on extracting from his employer.
> In order for network stack locking without Giant to be real for 5.3,
> kqueue locking must be completed.  The pgsigio do represent a serious
> obstacle to getting that locking done, both by virtue of adding an
> immediate coding obstacle to adapt around, but also by introducing an
> architectural construct that will be difficult to deal with cleanly.  My
> goal is for us to have basic locking for kqueues in the sys tree in CVS
> within two weeks, using one or another of the two sets of changes above.

Ok, I'll back it out.  In the future I would appreciate a simple "we
actually have code in progress to do this" rather than what I thought
was wishful thinking.

I know your brain is full right now, but is there any way you see
this actually working?  I know how to avoid the recursion, but, buh..
I think sigio needs an overhaul.  I'll see if that works, for now
I'll just #if 0 the ioctl code to enable it.

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