cvs commit: src/sys/contrib/pf/net if_pflog.c if_pflog.h if_pfsync.c if_pfsync.h pf.c pf_ioctl.c pf_norm.c pf_osfp.c pf_table.c pfvar.h src/sys/contrib/pf/netinet in4_cksum.c

Brian F. Feldman green at
Thu Feb 26 07:43:09 PST 2004

Luigi Rizzo <rizzo at> wrote:
> for what matters, i have posted to -net patches some time ago to extend
> ipfw2 to deal with ipv6 packets (thus effectively replacing ipfw6).
> No feedback in 6 weeks, to me this looks like lack of interest.

I think people who are interested might still not know because they're not 
subscribed to those mailing lists.  I am in fact very interested; could you 
please forward me the patch set?

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