cvs commit: src/include netdb.h resolv.h src/lib/libc/include gethostbyname.3res_send_private.h ...

Peter Schultz pmes at
Wed Feb 25 13:34:29 PST 2004

Brian F. Feldman wrote:
> Brian Feldman <green at> wrote:
>>  Make the resolver(3) and many associated interfaces much more reentrant.
>>  The getaddrinfo(3), getipnodebyname(3) and resolver(3) can coincide now
>>  with what should be totally reentrant, and h_errno values will now
>>  be preserved correctly, but this does not affect interfaces such as
>>  gethostbyname(3) which are still mostly non-reentrant.
> Geez, I certainly hope no English teachers ever see that paragraph.
> This has been tested by several other -CURRENT users with no issues, so be 
> certain to report any as they come up.  There shouldn't be much software 
> which has to be recompiled, outside of the base system.  The resolver(3) 
> interface is not very portable, so usage of the _res structure should be 
> relatively rare, and threaded programs should already be using 
> getaddrinfo(3) and getting error returns via that API, and not via
> h_errno.
Thanks Brian.

I just want to note that I did need to recompile mozilla in order to 
avoid a crash involving  I haven't come across any other 
problems other than that.


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