cvs commit: ports/audio/spiralsynthbaby Makefile

Trevor Johnson trevor at
Mon Feb 9 02:54:56 PST 2004

> linimon     2004/02/09 00:57:27 PST
>   FreeBSD ports repository
>   Modified files:
>     audio/spiralsynthbaby Makefile
>   Log:
>   Per ports/53466, set the "deprecated" mastervar and assign a date
>   for this port's deprecation.
>   Revision  Changes    Path
>   1.12      +2 -0      ports/audio/spiralsynthbaby/Makefile
> <URL:>

The PR quotes the author:

	Note: SpiralLoops isn't being supported any more. This is because there
	is now a much better featured spiralloop plugin for SpiralSynth Modular.

Note that this is about SpiralLoops.  He goes on to write about

	There is also a smaller version of SpiralSynth specifically designed as a
	SpiralLoops plugin. This was written because my machine was unable to
	comfortably run the full synth and SpiralLoops together.

	SpiralSynthBaby is a two oscillator synth, and runs about twice as fast as

There are still users--myself for example--who have slow computers, for
which something "better featured" is not necessarily desirable.

Warning users not to use software just because its author doesn't offer
support seems like overkill.
Trevor Johnson

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