CVS not updating web server

Alex Yantifovich alex.yantifovich at
Fri Feb 6 14:01:26 PST 2004

hello, i have a weird cvs problem. this doesn't happen all the time but when
it does it makes no sense to me. Here is a string from the loginfo script:

^wbs (date; cat; (sleep 2; cd /mnt/disk5/dev-cvs/wbs/; cvs -d
/mnt/disk2/cvsrep/ -q update -d -P) &) >>
/mnt/disk2/cvsrep/CVSROOT/updatelog.wbs 2>&1

so.. the module name is WBS located in /mnt/disc2/cvsrep and the updatelog
is updatelog.wbs.

when i commit chages, the cript automatically updates /mnt/disk5/dev-cvs/wbs
directory which is a mounded NT volume from a Windows web server.
now here is my question. I have several modules that have similar names such
as wbs and wbsdonet, wbs-test etc... etc... they all start with wbs.
for some reason cvs will stop updating /mnt/disk5/dev-cvs/wbs, the mounted
NT volume, when i commit changes, but the module itself gets updated just
fine in the repository /mnt/disk2/cvsrep. At that point i move up the
^wbs.... string in the loginfo file to be at the very top and then it works!
is there a diff. in the physicall location of the string in the loginfo
script? Do module names make a difference on how cvs works, i mean they are
all unique names , in a way.  any help would be appreciated.

      Alex Yantifovich
      alex at

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