cvs commit: src/release Makefile

John Baldwin jhb at
Tue Feb 3 14:05:57 PST 2004

jhb         2004/02/03 14:05:55 PST

  FreeBSD src repository

  Modified files:
    release              Makefile 
  - Use a stock loader with forth support on the boot floppies.
  - Use the regular forth scripts including the stock device.hints file on
    the boot floppies.
  - gzip all the various text files on the boot floppy that are larger than
    one sector to save on space.
  - Generate a loader.conf to load the kernel, acpi.ko, and mfsroot making
    use of the 'module_before' variables to prompt for a floppy to be entered
    when required and use a stock loader.rc.  This enables the beastie menu
    on i386.
  - PC98 has been changed to split the mfsroot for now so that the floppies
    fit.  When the PC98 bootstrap is updated to work with ELF files (which
    needs to happen anyway), then SPLIT_MFSROOT can be turned off for PC98.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.841     +23 -16    src/release/Makefile

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