cvs commit: src/sys/net80211 _ieee80211.h ieee80211.c ieee80211.h ieee80211_acl.c ieee80211_crypto.c ieee80211_crypto.h ieee80211_crypto_tkip.c ieee80211_crypto_wep.c ieee80211_freebsd.c ieee80211_freebsd.h ...

Eric Masson e-masson at
Wed Dec 8 10:19:14 PST 2004

>>>>> "Sam" == Sam Leffler <sam at> writes:

Hi Sam,

 Sam> Update 802.11 support; too much new functionality to fully
 Sam> describe here but it includes completed 802.11g, WPA, 802.11i,
 Sam> 802.1x, WME/WMM, AP-side power-save, crypto plugin framework,
 Sam> authenticator plugin framework, and access control plugin
 Sam> frameowrk.

Hurray, -current is now on par with madwifi then ?

Many, many, many thanks for your work.

Éric Masson

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