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Robert Watson rwatson at
Fri Apr 23 16:11:25 PDT 2004

rwatson     2004/04/23 16:11:24 PDT

  FreeBSD doc repository

  Modified files:
    en/smp               index.sgml 
  Update network stack locking TODO:
  Slide jail(2) lockdown forward again, I had to clean Giant out of
  crfree() after a vnode was added to struct prison.
  if_tap locking is done.
  if_tun locking is done.
  I'm working on UNIX domain socket locking now.  Also, fifofs.
  AARP is done.
  I'm working on IPv6 also.
  ip_encap.c is locked down.
  if_loop.c is locked down.
  We now use m_tags to track possible looping in if_gif, not a global.
  I'm also working on the socket layer.
  I locked down NFS server with a Giant lock, but rick is working on
    data based locking.
  Maurycy and I are locking down if_ppp.
  mlaier, luigi, and brooks are working on ifnet locking.
  mlaier and maurycy are working on address lists.
  I'm working on bsd_comp consumers.
  if_stf is a work in progress.
  if_sl is a work in progress.
  rik is working on if_sppp.
  I'm working on netatalk DDP PCB locking.
  I'm working on IGMP locking.
  Need to review TCP timers, not lock them.
  IP ID code needs locking.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.125     +148 -45   www/en/smp/index.sgml

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