cvs commit: ports/lang/gcc32 Makefile

David O'Brien obrien at
Fri Apr 16 08:14:08 PDT 2004

On Tue, Apr 13, 2004 at 04:38:09PM +0200, Gerald Pfeifer wrote:
> I believe you could also make it work on amd64 by using the hack I have
> been applying to the gcc33 and gcc34 ports:
> .if ${ARCH} == "amd64"
> CONFIGURE_TARGET=       x86_64-portbld-freebsd${OSREL}
> .else
> CONFIGURE_TARGET=       ${ARCH}-portbld-freebsd${OSREL}
> .endif

I don't supose you're got time to figure out why the .else part is
-- David  (obrien at

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