cvs commit: ports/mail/nail Makefile distinfo

Christian Weisgerber naddy at
Sat Nov 15 08:47:20 PST 2003

naddy       2003/11/15 08:47:19 PST

  FreeBSD ports repository

  Modified files:
    mail/nail            Makefile distinfo 
  Update to 10.6.  Notable bug fixes and changes in this release:
  * A nested MIME multipart message with a sub-part piped through an external
    program (such as HTML with w3m) caused nail to abort after SIGPIPE if the
    PAGER command terminated before reading the whole message.
  * A 'next' command following a 'hold' command displays the next message
    after the one the 'hold' applies to (Bugreport by Mike Sipser). This
    might not be exactly what POSIX specifies, but it makes sense and is
    consistent with traditional behavior. If you actually favor 'next'
    not to advance after 'hold', contact me and I'll add a configuration
    option for this.
  * If the value of the 'record' variable started with an environment
    variable reference such as '$HOME' or with a tilde and the 'outfolder'
    variable was set, it was not expanded correctly (Bugreport by Volker
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.22      +1 -1      ports/mail/nail/Makefile
  1.15      +1 -1      ports/mail/nail/distinfo

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