cvs commit: src/etc/defaults rc.conf src/etc/rc.d dhclient

Martin Blapp mb at
Mon Jul 28 23:28:57 PDT 2003


> So?  That is how DHCP works.  I added the "-1" option so it will time
> out.  Experience using SuSE which does background its dhcp client, I
> think this change is a mistake.  Please back that part out.

It already has been "backed out" 10 hours ago. IMHO rwatson is right and
it's a bad idea to immediatly background it on some machines. The users
whi like to background it can set it in their rc.conf.

> It already waits the proper amount.  Please don't change the algorithm.

If there was no link on the interface you had to wait ~2 mins and tons
of requests have been sent to nowhere. Never noticed ? I wait now a
max of 2 x polling time (10 seconds).


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