cvs commit: src/etc/defaults rc.conf src/etc/rc.d dhclient

Martin Blapp mb at
Mon Jul 28 05:34:09 PDT 2003

Hi Robert,

> Forgive me for not having time to go read the dhclient details, but
> unfortunately I'm a bit pressed for time this morning.  I just wanted to
> confirm that dhclient gives a "first reasonable try" if the link is up in
> this situation, rather than immediately backgrounding, since some services
> will behave poorly if they don't find IP addresses, etc.  Ie., this
> operates like the NFS mount background option: "If at first you don't
> succeed, try again on your *own* time".
> The services I have in mind are, indeed, network file system mounting,
> sandboxed named, sendmail, and third party applications that like to bind
> each IP address manually rather than use INADDR_ANY.

and natd (where I've fixed the rc script to work with the dhclient case)

The problem here is that a box not connected to lan with dhcp hangs till
you press CTRL C.

If this change provides errors in some setups, I'll revert it and add
a option to dhclient to wait at least 5 seconds if no lease has been


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