cvs commit: src/lib/libpthread Makefile src/lib/libpthread/test sigsuspend_d.c src/lib/libpthread/thread thr_cancel.c thr_kern.c thr_nanosleep.c thr_private.h thr_sig.c thr_sigmask.c ...

Daniel Eischen eischen at
Fri Jul 18 14:10:23 PDT 2003

On Fri, 18 Jul 2003, Scott Long wrote:

> David and all,
> Thanks for all of the good work here!
> There has been a grwoing question of which threading package will be
> made 'default' for 5.x.  The main requirement is that the default
> threading package be supported on all Tier-1 platforms.  Right now,
> only libc_r meets that requirement.  Here's a quick table from
> memory, please correct me if I'm wrong:
>          i386  alpha  sparc64  ia64
> c_r       X     X       X       X
> kse       X                     X
> thr       X             X       X
> Don't forget that amd64 is up-and-coming also.

I have most of the amd64 userland bits.  The syscalls
*context() don't seem to work correctly yet (testing
done on sledge).  I can commit them so that they are
there for others to play with.

As Marcel can probably confirm, it is not that difficult
for someone with <arch> knowledge to write the necessary
libkse bits -- probably no more than a weekend.  Marcel's
ia64 bits are a good path to follow.

I'd like to see the emphasis put more on the <arch>s; if
they are going to be Tier-1, provide the necessary libkse
bits :-)

Dan Eischen

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