cvs commit: src/sbin/ipfw ipfw2.c

Luigi Rizzo luigi at
Fri Jul 11 23:53:18 PDT 2003

luigi       2003/07/11 23:53:16 PDT

  FreeBSD src repository

  Modified files:
    sbin/ipfw            ipfw2.c 
  In random order:
  * make the code compile with WARNS=5 (at least on i386), mostly
    by adding 'const' specifier and replacing "void *" with "char *"
    in places where pointer arithmetic was used.
    This also spotted a few places where invalid tests (e.g. uint < 0)
    were used.
  * support ranges in "list" and "show" commands. Now you can say
          ipfw show 100-1000 4000-8000
    which is very convenient when you have large rulesets.
  * implement comments in ipfw commands. These are implemented in the
    kernel as O_NOP commands (which always match) whose body contains
    the comment string. In userland, a comment is a C++-style comment:
          ipfw add allow ip from me to any // i can talk to everybody
    The choice of '//' versus '#' is somewhat arbitrary, but because
    the preprocessor/readfile part of ipfw used to strip away '#',
    I did not want to change this behaviour.
    If a rule only contains a comment
          ipfw add 1000 // this rule is just a comment
    then it is stored as a 'count' rule (this is also to remind
    the user that scanning through a rule is expensive).
  * improve handling of flags (still to be completed).
    ipfw_main() was written thinking of 'one rule per ipfw invocation',
    and so flags are set and never cleared. With readfile/preprocessor
    support, this changes and certain flags should be reset on each
    line. For the time being, only fix handling of '-a' which
    differentiates the "list" and "show" commands.
  * rework the preprocessor support -- ipfw_main() already had most
    of the parsing code, so i have moved in there the only missing
    bit (stripping away '#' and comments) and removed the parsing
    from ipfw_readfile().
    Also, add some more options (such as -c, -N, -S) to the readfile
  MFC after: 3 days
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.32      +277 -218  src/sbin/ipfw/ipfw2.c

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