cvs commit: src/sys/boot/powerpc/loader conf.c

Andrew Gallatin gallatin at
Wed Dec 10 05:38:21 PST 2003

Peter Grehan [peterg at] wrote:
> > What is missing for PowerPC to become a complete Tier-1 platform?
>   My thoughts on a minimal list before it could become a candidate are:
>   - sysinstall
>   - self-hosted make release to create bootable CDs
>   - gdb
>   - syscons
>   - XFree86
>   - kld
>   - ADB kbd/mouse support for notebooks
>   Volunteers on any areas so welcome it's not funny :-)


We also need SMP support, and support for KSE and/or libthr.

More than anything else, the "vm_pageout_flush: partially invalid
page" bug needs to be fixed.  But maybe you've found it..  I haven't
finished reading my commit mail.


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