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Mike Barcroft mike at
Wed Apr 9 18:15:04 PDT 2003

Pawel Jakub Dawidek <nick at> writes:
> On Tue, Apr 08, 2003 at 10:58:08PM -0400, Mike Barcroft wrote:
> +> Here's what it looks like in use:
> +> 
> +> %%%
> +> sol# jail /tmp/jail localhost /bin/sh &
> +> [1] 19114
> +> sol# jail /tmp/jail localhost /bin/csh &
> +> [2] 19139
> +> [1]  + Suspended (tty input)         jail /tmp/jail localhost /bin/sh
> +> sol# jls
> +>    JID  IP Address   Hostname                      Path
> +>      2    localhost                     /tmp/jail
> +>      1    localhost                     /tmp/jail
> Nice work!! Global list with all prisons was really needed.
> But IMHO JID should be a string, not a number. For example we're running
> many jails at startup or somewhere else and because JID is set
> dynamicly there could be problems in writing scripts for handle jails
> (attaching processes to it or something).
> As we can see on your example, we aren't able to find out which
> jail was ran first (looking at PIDs isn't good idea:)).
> If JID will be a string there will be no such problems.
> What you think?

Can't you just use jail -i and save the JID number for later use?
BTW, I think I need an fflush() after the printf() call in jail(8),
otherwise when block buffering is used to save the output to a file
instead of the terminal, nothing is written.

Best regards,
Mike Barcroft

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