CTM index on servers

Isaac (.ike) Levy ike at blackskyresearch.net
Tue Jan 29 13:53:04 UTC 2013

On Jan 28, 2013, at 7:47 PM, Stephen Montgomery-Smith wrote:
> On 01/28/2013 01:29 PM, Isaac (.ike) Levy wrote:
>> Hi Stephen, ctm-users,
>> New to this list, coming from a lively thread on freebsd-stable@
>> For me and a lot of admins/users, fetching sources just got a lot harder for a *lot* of admins/users.  A page was raised to try to help cull facts out of all the confusing details, here:
>>  https://wiki.freebsd.org/UsersFetchingSource
>> At this point the page may be more confusing itself :)
>> --
>> Enter: CTM
>> I'm delighted to learn about ctm(1) usage, and quite interested in using it to fetch REL and RELENG sources, and keep it up to date (to redistribute internally across a cluster of servers).
>> I know a *ton* of *BSD admins who love c[v]sup, but I don't know any who use ctm(1) any more, so I'm sorry if my questions are naive.
>> On Jan 28, 2013, at 1:53 PM, Stephen Montgomery-Smith wrote:
>>>> On the FTP server, is there an index of which CTM delta files are on the FTP server?  I'd like to automate fetching just the new deltas...
>>>> If there was perhaps 1 file with a consistent name, I could fetch that on a nightly basis and fetch the other CTM files.
>>> I can easily put in something like this.  Maybe the output of ls in each directory?
> Look in http://web.missouri.edu/~stephen/CTM and the subdirectories, and
> tell me if you like the way I implemented INDEX.

Absolutely spectacular, I started using it to hack out a basic 'ctmup' in sh last night.

Thank you so much!  I'll post back to list as soon as I have it rough/working, (this week/weekend).


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