CTM not being updated on FTP site

Stephen Montgomery-Smith stephen at missouri.edu
Fri Jun 18 03:22:31 UTC 2010

Stephen Montgomery-Smith wrote:
> Stephen Montgomery-Smith wrote:
>> Chris Rees wrote:
>>> On 16 June 2010 20:18, Peter Jeremy<peterjeremy at acm.org>    wrote:
>>>> Hi Stephen,
>>>> I normally pull cvs-cur deltas off ftp.freebsd.org and have just
>>>> noticed that there have been no updates to any CTM directories since
>>>> 13th June.  Checking CVSweb suggests the SVN->CVS exporter is up to
>>>> date.  Is there a problem with CTM?
>>> Unbelievable. Would you believe I've /just/ opened an email to
>>> complain about receiving deltas by email too? Scary co-incidence...
>>> Thanks for your work Stephen, but I'd just like to a add a 'me too' on
>>> the mailing list side.
>>> Chris
>> Hi Guys,
>> This is the source of the problem:
>> http://old.nabble.com/Re%3A-Problems-with-cvsup-p15114594.html
>> As you can see, I have had this problem since January 2008, and I still
>> haven't figured out the cause.  The only way I can fix it is on a case
>> by case basis when it happens.  It seems to be a peculiarity of the
>> math.missouri.edu subnet!
>> I'll try to get it going again soon.
> It looks like it is working again.
> This problem is going to reoccur quite often (maybe once every six
> months), so if you see a delay in the CTM deltas arriving, don't be shy
> about letting me know ASAP via this mailing list.  (If the complaint
> turns out to be unwarranted, I'll try my best to not be snarky :-).)
> I'll only not reply if I am out of town or something like that.
> Stephen

I think this will happen every time there is a new release.  And I see 
that 8.1 has just come out in its RC1 form.

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