Stephen Montgomery-Smith stephen at
Wed Jun 24 15:27:47 UTC 2009

Chris Rees wrote:
> Dear all,
> I discovered CTM not long ago, and I'm impressed at its efficiency
> when automated. Is there any way to track something other than
> -STABLE? Even just the latest security updates for the latest release?
> I've tried searching the archives, but no-one seems to have asked that
> before....

You can do this.  If you want to use the existing CTM updates, follow 
cvs-cur, which gives the whole cvs directory tree.  Then use the cvs 
program to extract whatever RELENG you want to, similarly as if you were 
using cvsup to get it from one of the existing cvsup mirrors.

If you want to create your own CTM creating machine, you can also do it 
there as well.  You have to understand how CTM works, but once you have 
understood it, it is relatively straightforward.

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