CTM deltas missing from ftp mirrors

Stephen Montgomery-Smith stephen at math.missouri.edu
Fri Dec 8 10:25:01 PST 2006

For some reason, ftp-master.freebsd.org seems to have stopped collecting 
them since Dec 4.  Hence no mirror will be up to date.

They are available at ftp://ftp.vmunix.org, which rsyncs them from the 
source seperately.

I hope that the owner of ftp-master will communicate with me so that we 
can put this right.  (I am looking at my own hosts-allow files and my 
messages file to see if it is my fault.  So far I haven't found 
anything, but I'll keep looking.)

Thank you for bringing this to my attention.


Scot Hetzel wrote:
> I usually get the CTM deltas for cvs-cur from ftp4.freebsd.org.  When
> I went to that site yesterday, the last CTM delta was 12923, which was
> created on Dec 4th.
> I then signed up for the CTM mailing list, to check if the CTM deltas
> were being created, and today I received cvs-cur.12933 via mail.
> I then checked several FTP sites (ftp{,1-9}{,.ar,.de}.freebsd.org) and
> these sites only had the CTM cvs-cur deltas <= 12923 on them.
> I also looked at the other CTM deltas on the ftp sites (i.e. 
> ftp.freebsd.org):
>    cvs-cur.12923  Dec 4
>    ports-cur.6577 Dec 4
>    src-4.2287       Nov 29
>    src-5.0750       Nov 11
>    src-6.0634       Dec 4
>    src-cur.7653    Dec 5
> It looks as though something is not saving the CTM Deltas to the
> master ftp site, so that they can be distributed to the other mirrors.
> Thanks for looking into this problem.
> Scot


Stephen Montgomery-Smith
stephen at math.missouri.edu

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