Three Observatins with 6.2.35 on Linux 2.4.20

Frank Strauss strauss at
Fri May 23 07:52:34 PDT 2003


Frank> Like some other people we recognized messages raised by PCI
Frank> interrupts signalling parity errors on the PCI bus (that are
Frank> not necessarily caused by the SCSI subsystem). So we moved to
Frank> 6.2.35, which is supposed to turn off these messages after 10
Frank> messages have been issued. But what in fact happens is, that it
Frank> is *not* turned off, but every such message is just followed by
Frank> additional lines that just say it would be turned off now (see
Frank> below).

A short add-on note: The "PCI error Interrupt ... Data Parity Error
Detected ..." even cannot be turned off with these module options:


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