installation problem on AIC-7890 systems

Justin T. Gibbs gibbs at
Mon Jan 21 09:46:51 PST 2002

>Hi Justin,
>Jonathan M. Bresler told us to inform you about our problem with installing 
>FreeBSD since release 4.4 on systems using AIC-7890 SCSI-controllers.
>(We are a large ISP and we and our customers are still using a lot of this 
>We discovered that the generic kernel doesn't support 7890s, while our self 
>made kernel does fine. This is for installations not very usefull.
>Could you help to fix this problem until 4.5 final release, please?
>Many thanks!

I don't know why 4.5 or 4.4 for that matter would not support the aic7890.
I run on an aic7890 system using the latest -stable kernel and have
no difficulties.  Can you elaborate on what happens during a failed instal
of 4.4?


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