question about aic7xxx

Justin T. Gibbs gibbs at
Fri Jan 18 09:26:55 PST 2002

>Unfortunately, I have no analyzer yet. Therefore the only place
>I can use to debug is my own code. At the time I receive abort
>my queue is empty. Moreover, tag that is requested to be aborted
>seems to be completed in my special logs. Under 'completed' I
>mean that initiator was reselected and then received identify,
>tag messages, data and status successfully. At the initiator side
>I never seen something like 'unknown tag', etc.
>I don't understand how it could be at all. Can you give me advice?

Well, we have two pieces of code that have different understandings
of the current state.  The only way to determine which side is lying
is to bring in an impartial thrid party.  That's where the bus
analyzer comes in.  Are you positive that the command complete message
was sent instead of another disconnect message?  The aic7xxx firmware
will only complete the command if command complete is seen, and does
not complain if you disconnect again after sending status.  The driver
will complain (ATN raised and a target reset message sent) should you
reselect with a tag that is not outstanding.


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