[Fwd: snapscan and aic7xxx driver don't work together]

Timothy Reaves treaves at silverfields.com
Wed Jun 27 05:47:38 PDT 2001

	This was a thread running on the Sane mailing list.  I'm not the only 
person having problems with the new aic driver in the 2.4.x kernels. 
Another poster to this thread stated that there was several ongoing 
threads in the kernel list relating to the new aic driver.

	So, as in my case, are you going to asume that the issue is the software 
(sane) instead of the driver?

	A couiple people did state that they were able to run fine with the new 
aic driver.  Perhaps it's an issue with  certian chip sets and the new 
driver?  But in any case, the old driver worked.  That has to say something.

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