aic7xxx on floppy disk

Justin T. Gibbs gibbs at
Wed Dec 19 07:51:28 PST 2001

>Which card are you running? Have you got a recent firmware? The newer 
>driver (default in RH and Mandrake) needs a firmware update on the card. 

RH continues to use the old driver.  I have not checked Mandrake.
As the firmware is part of the driver, no firmware updates are ever
required for these products.

Dr. Regis' problem is that the old aic7xxx driver is being used for
his cardbus card even if he selects the new driver.  There are lots
of solutions for making this work once the machine is up, but I don't
know how to correct the cardbus probe during install.  Just having the
right driver (on a floppy or by picking the new one during expert mode)
won't prevent the cardbus code from additionally choosing the old driver.


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