80MB/s not 160MB/s

Justin T. Gibbs gibbs at scsiguy.com
Tue Dec 4 08:01:10 PST 2001

>Below are some logs messages from the default kernel and my fresh
>kernel.  Basically I'm not getting 160MB/s after I perform a compile of
>the kernel.  The default RedHat 7.2 install does get 160MB/s.  The
>default install uses initrd to load the AIC7XXX driver.  I compile it
>right into the kernel, not as a module.
>How can I get the speeds backup to 160MB/s

You will need a patch.  The root cause is that your IBM drives
are claiming to be SCSI 2 when they should be reporting SPI-3
conformance.  The bits in the inquiry data that tell us that a
device can support double transition clocking (requied for 80MHz
sync rates) were not defined until SPI-3 so the driver doesn't
bother to look at them.

This will be fixed in the next drop of the driver.  I have another
bug I'm trying to characterize and fix before I do the next release.
It shouldn't be more than another week.


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