New Kernel won't boot, halts on SCSI driver with messages (FreeBSD 4.3)

Joe Jenkins joe at
Mon Aug 6 09:18:12 PDT 2001

Hello all,

I just updated the kernel (Aug 3 2001) source tree in FreeBSD 4.3 and built 
a new kernel.  On reboot I now get the following:

Waiting 2 Seconds for SCSI devices to settle...

(ton of numerical info on QINFIFO, Waiting Queue Entries, Disconnected 
Queue Entries etc)

probe8:ahc0:0:9:0 No longer in timeout: SCB 15: immediate reset FLAGS = 0x6020
ahc0: Issued Channel A Bus RESET
10 SCB's aborted!

This just loops over and over until I manually reboot the machine, it never 
actually boots.  I can revert to my old kernel.GENERIC and it boots fine 
using the same SCSI card and drives without any problems.  Is there 
something broken in the aic7xxx driver currently?  What can I check or try 
to get this to work?  Thanks all!

Joe Jenkins

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