Linux Install fails on aic7xxx driver with 3 different distributions.

Greg Czajkowski vipergt at
Mon Feb 21 12:55:29 PST 2000


After trying to find a solution for the last month, I have been unable to
get linux installed.

I have tried 3 different distributions with lots of versions:

Redhat 6.0
Redhat 6.1  with stock driver, as well as the latest 5.1.26 driver
Redhat 6.2 Beta
Slackware 7.0
Debian 2.1_rev4

I have tried Latest Redhat boot disks, as well as special Debian boot/kernel

>From information on the web, I have learned I have the ill-famed Tyan
Thunder 100 GX mobo with onboard dual-scsi adaptec controllers.

Some additional information:
Tyan Bios: Latest 1.18.2
AIC7895 Scsi bios. 1.32 Latest?

I have attached dumps of all the suggested methods of getting the driver
installed. Any help would be very appreciated

Greg Czajkowski
College of Engineering
Computer Engineering BS 1999
University of Illinois at Chambana  ICQ#1256650

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