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Philipp Scherer scherer at
Sun Feb 20 10:34:46 PST 2000

Re:timeout hang on boot

ok i will look then for scsi termination problems again.
could it be a problem that i have a T-like configuration
of the 50 pin narrow branch? With the ribbon that came
with the mobo there is a connection from the 50 pin connector
on one side to the cdroms and on the other side to the external
connector which is connected to the zip drive.

zip(term.)----ext.conn.-----host ad.(auto)--cdrom----cdrom(term.)

I asked about this configuration in the asus asus newsgroups
but I got contrary answers if the T-like configuration
is allowed or not. On the adaptec page for the 2740 there
is only a configuration example where the host adapter is
at the end of the chain and the external connector is behind
the cdroms. The manual says that the 68 pin connector is always
terminated, so here clearly no T-configuration is possible 
(There was a different version of the P2BS board which was
 supplied with an external 68 pin connector. )
Things seem to be different for the 50 pin branch.
The system was built by a computer shop which sold lots
of computers to our university so I thought they know more
about scsi than I do. 
I think I will try another 50 pin ribbon without the
external connector.
The problem is not so severe as I normally use the CDROM
with linux only for system installation und upgrade.
I have to admit that I have windoze on the computer ...

philipp scherer

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