I/O error : mt -f /dev/nst0 setdensity 20

J. Hart jhart at hip.atr.co.jp
Sun Feb 20 00:29:38 PST 2000

I am getting an I/O error when using the following command :

        mt -f /dev/nst0 setdensity 20 (or any non-zero value)

When I check /var/log/messages, I see the following entry :

   Feb 18 21:48:31 jhart kernel: st0: Error with sense data:
      [valid=0] Info fld=0x0, EOM Current st09:00: sense key Illegal

I am using the following configuration :

   mt-st v. 0.5b
   EXB-8200 SCSI 1 tape drive
   RedHat Linux 6.1
   kernel 2.2.12-20
   Adaptec AIC7xxx driver version: 5.1.27/3.2.4

     It does not appear to be the old v0.5 mt argument bug.  The mt
arguments seem to be passed correctly.  I ran mt rev 0.5b under gdb and
got the
following results :

       #0  perror (s=0x8049c61 "/dev/tape") at perror.c:30
       #1  0x8048c78 in do_standard (mtfd=5, cmd=0x804b394,
           argc=1, argv=0xbffffc7c) at mt.c:344
       #2  0x8048a39 in main (argc=3, argv=0xbffffc74) at mt.c:286

The ioctl() call at the above place is as follows :

     ioctl(int fd, MTIOCTOP, (struct mtop *)mt_cmd)

     (gdb) print mt_com
     $1 = {mt_op = 21, mt_count = 20}

     from sys/mtio.h
        #define MTSETDENSITY 21 /* Set tape density (SCSI).  */

     note: 20 (0x14) is the density setting recommended by Exabyte
        for the EXB-8200

     ioctl() call rejects any non-zero count with errno = EIO

Any ideas on this ?

     J. Hart
     jhart at hip.atr.co.jp

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