Adaptec 2930U2 problem followup

Doug Ledford dledford at
Mon Aug 7 07:20:27 PDT 2000

Bob_Tracy wrote:
> Been having problems with an Adaptec 2930U2 card in my machine at
> the house.  Naturally, it works fine with Win95.  The problem has
> been shown to be something peculiar to my motherboard after looking
> at many test scenarios over the past several days.  Basically,
> there's no interrupt activity corresponding to the 2930U2 that
> either Linux or FreeBSD can see.  This results in an infinite
> timeout/reset loop during driver initialization.

This is usually only a problem on SMP motherboards.  In that case, I tell
people to boot the kernel with the option noapic and see if it helps the
problem.  In any case, linux isn't reading your IRQ routing information
properly either due to a linux bug or a buggy BIOS.  You could bring this
problem up to Ingo Molnar if this is an SMP motherboard *and* noapic helps, or
bring it up to Martin Mares otherwise since it would likely be a PCI problem.


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