aic7xxx timeout errors on boot

Jim Shepherd jimshep at
Mon Apr 10 18:41:16 PDT 2000

Jim Shepherd wrote:
> Jim Shepherd wrote:
> >
> > I searched the web and was unsuccessful in finding a reference to an
> > available firmware update. The Chinon website says that their CDROMs are
> > no longer supported and their published phone numbers ring without
> > answer.  I also ran across several other comments about the firmware
> > being broken, just as you mentioned.  It seems that their firmware does
> > not exactly follow the SCSI-2 specs.
> >
> > For all of the following tests, the wide negotiation and synchronous
> > communication were disabled in the adapter's bios. I updated the kernel
> > to 2.3.51 with the exact same results.  I also compiled and installed
> > the 2.2.14 kernel, again, with the same results.  Following your
> > recommendation, I copied the sr.h and sr.c files from 2.2.3 (at the time
> > the last kernel that I knew worked) into the 2.2.14 tree, recompiled and
> > installed the updated kernel.  Still, no luck.  To better help to
> > understand where the problem began in the 2.2 series, I began compiling
> > the kernels from 2.2.3 to 2.2.14 to find the step that caused the
> > problem.  The last kernel to work that I have tried was 2.2.8.  Kernel
> > 2.2.10 failed.  Here are the scsi changes from the patch summaries:
> >
> I compiled and installed 2.2.9 and it worked fine, so it seems that the
> code change from 2.2.9 to 2.2.10 has caused the problem.  I attempted to
> copy the 2.2.10 aic7xxx files into the 2.2.9 tree and compile, but I was
> never able to overcome the compiler errors. I also tried the copying the
> 2.2.9 aic7xxx files into the 2.2.10 tree, but again ran into compiler
> errors.
> I am going out of town for a few days, but look forward to helping on
> this when I get back.
> Jim Shepherd

Is there anything else I can do to help solve these timeout errors?  Or
should I just bite the bullet and buy a new CDROM drive?

Jim Shepherd

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