SCSI Timeouts on my DEC Alpha (Again!)

Tom Browder browder at
Sun Oct 24 19:18:15 PDT 1999

Luis Carlos Yamamoto wrote:

> Hello,
>   I am not developer, I am a user but I saw several
> time outs if one uses faster devices with low id and slower devices
> with high id. In my pc, I use DAT with id=0 and different disks
> with id=4 and 6. I think adaptec 2940 series uses 0 for slower devices
> and 7 for faster one (7=the card).
>   If you use already in this way, I am sorry for this useless email but
> if not, maybe you could try change and see what happens.
>   (If you don't know how, id is enabled in each hardware and manuals
> could indicate how to change id).
>   yours,
> Luís

Luis, that sounds like something new to try, but I thought my boot device had
to have a 0 ID.
Doesn't it?


Tom Browder

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