AHA-2910C aic7xxx & blacklist

Doug Ledford dledford at redhat.com
Thu Oct 14 05:34:37 PDT 1999

On Thu, 14 Oct 1999, Steve Brueggeman wrote:

> Unless I misunderstand the problem,  this is pretty much what the SCSI blacklist
> was for.  SCSI middle does, testur(), inquiry() on LUN 0, and checks the inquiry
> strings for being blacklisted, and if they have the have the BLIST_SINGLELUN
> flag set, prevents the SCSI middle layers from probing LUN's 1-7.

You're missing my point.  Until you have a Yamaha CD-RW 4416 drive you
don't know that the Yamaha drive needs to be in that black list.  By the
time you find out that the drive should be in the blacklist, it's
typically too late to do anything about it because you've already shipped
your release code and the Yamaha isn't in that blacklist.  Get my drift

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