[bug] misdetection of syncrate in aic7xxx version 5.1.19

Doug Ledford dledford at redhat.com
Thu Aug 12 05:08:35 PDT 1999

Meurisse Vincent wrote:
> Doug Ledford wrote:
> >Can you post the output of /proc/scsi/aic7xxx/0?
> Sure, I'll get it tonight at home : I don't have an Internet access at home
> this summer since I'm working in Germany... :(
> What do you expect to find more in the /proc report ?

I expect to find out if your CD-ROM that is not seeing the right speed also
happens to have its speed setting in the Adaptec SCSI BIOS set to less than
the maximum speed.  In general, with the latest aic7xxx driver versions, the
driver will always do the right thing with your BIOS set to the maximum speed,
but it is *not* guaranteed to get it right when you are using a choke down
speed setting in the BIOS.  Unless you have a cable related reason to choke
the speed down (you are using too much cable in your SCSI chain and some of
your devices want to run at Ultra speed but you have to choke them back to
non-Ultra speeds to keep the signal from getting corrupted on the long cable)
then you shouldn't choke the speed down, you should let the device negotiation
code do its work.

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