Is Linux 2.0.35 + pre10 + ASUS P2B-S OK for "production"?

Steen Suder CAB at
Thu Sep 17 13:28:50 PDT 1998


I administer a server built on an ASUS P2B-S M/B with a single Micropolis 3391WS 9.1GB HDD (running UW) attached.

The server runs news, mail and DNS with FreeBSD right now, but shall be migrated to Linux as soon as possible.
The server doesn't need to be running blazingly fast; stability is my major concern.

I know that there's a lot of people out there eager to get their ASUS P2B-S running with Linux, so I dare to ask:

1. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? 
2. Does a pre10 + Linux 2.0.35 run without any fatal errors? (Will my box stay up?)
3. Does anyone have warnings against what I am preparing here?

I've been following the list for a while and I can see it's getting better, but... I need someone to convince me.

Unfortunately I'm in a situation where I can't just put in another disk and play around for good. I need to get this box migrated as cleanly and painlessly as possible.

Though it might be bad manners (on the list at least), I'd like to show my deepest gratitude towards people like Justin Gibbs and Doug Ledford for doing their great work. Thanks.

Best regards,
Steen Suder

With Linux I, the white, european middleclass boy, found out what 'freedom' really is about!

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