Archive Python DAT tape and Adaptec

Mike Bilow mikebw at
Sat Sep 5 03:05:48 PDT 1998

Michael Meissner wrote in a message to Mike Bilow:

> > The Archive is an asynch-only device, and I have the jumpers 
> > set for SCSI-2 and Parity support.

The Archive Pythons *all* do synchronous negotiation.  Make sure you have not
disabled this in the controller set up.

Different versions of the Archive Python firmware will negotiate different
transfer clock rates.  Most will transfer at 6.67 Mops.

 MM> I tried that, and the 5.0.x driver still could not deal with
 MM> the tape drives (unfortunately, I don't have the log output
 MM> available, but I can redo it if necessary).  I also tried
 MM> disable scsi parity support, and it could not discern either
 MM> the tape drive or cdrom at boot time.  Right now, I'm
 MM> running the machine with covers off, the Adaptec is between
 MM> a TekRam 390F scsi controller, and an original Soundblaster
 MM> 16 (non-pnp) sound card.

The driver is known for not seeing devices in certain situation, but the newer
ones Doug is working on seem to fix most of that.  The termination on the
Archive Python can be very dodgy, as it is usually accomplished by inserting
jumper resistor packs; make sure you get the packs in the right polarity (pin 1
is denoted by a dot or other distinguishing mark on the resistor pack and by a
square silkscreen around the pin on the drive).  
-- Mike

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