Archive Python DAT tape and Adaptec

Doug Ledford dledford at
Thu Sep 3 21:52:48 PDT 1998

Michael Meissner wrote:

> The Adaptec driver that's been shipping with the latest experimental
> Linux kernels with a version # of 5.0.20 does not work reliably with
> my 3 year old Archive DAT DDS-1 tape drive.  I had a similar problem
> with another Archive DAT of the same vintage on my work computer
> (about six months ago, the Adaptec was dealt with the tape drive
> completely fine until I switched to TekRam 390{U,F} controllers).  The
> Archive is an asynch-only device, and I have the jumpers set for
> SCSI-2 and Parity support.

The 5.0.x and 5.1.x driver series do device negotiation in different ways,
and the problem is probably stemming from there.  Try disabling all sync and
wide negotiation for the Archive tape in the Adaptec EZ-SCSI BIOS setup
screen (the Ctrl-A message at boot up).


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