Need help applying aic7xxx patches

Peter S Galbraith GalbraithP at
Mon Oct 5 12:26:19 PDT 1998

"Jerry E. McGoveran" wrote:

> Trying to install Debian 2.0 (linux 2.0.34) on Win95 system with AHA2840
> SCSI card.  Originally had BRKADINT errors looping.  Found alternate kernal
> (may be modified from bo version) on

That would be mine...
I should probably update it to pre15, but it works for me...
>                                               Clearly, the kernal that
> fixed my installation problems didn't get copied to the hard drive.

> 1) Can someone give me step-by-step instructions on how to make sure the
> kernal I install with is the kernal I boot with?

As I recall, the Debian install offered to install the kernel from the rescue
disk on your root partition.  If not, then you'll have to copy it yourself,
edit /etc/lilo.conf and run lilo.  

I suggest that you copy the kernel to floppy using rawrite (in DOS) or dd
(in Linux).  Then, use the `rdev' command to set the root partition for the
kernel newly copied to floppy.  Then boot that floppy, and it'll be easier
to copy the kernel to /, edit lilo.conf and run lilo.

Did you get all that?

> 2) Can the 2.0.34 be patched with the latest (pre13?) updates, or do I need
> to abandon Debian's distribution?

No need.  You can use Debian with any kernel.  All distributions use the
same kernel.
> 3) Specifically how does one apply a patch during a from scratch installation
> ?
> >From a freshly installed version?  If there's any documentation out there 
> telling how to do this, I haven't been able to find it.

$ patch -p1 < patch-file
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