aic7xxx 5.0.9 on Linux 2.1.90 rules!

Zlatko Calusic Zlatko.Calusic at
Tue Mar 24 12:01:13 PST 1998

Doug Ledford <dledford at> writes:

> Side note: until the 5.0.9 aic7xxx patch is released, I recommend people use
> the 5.0.7 version.  The 5.0.8 version is a sort of intermediate step to
> 5.0.9 and has some problems that are (hopefully) fixed in my current 5.0.9
> working set, but I'm waiting on feedback.

Setup: 2940UW, Fujitsu M2914ESP disk, Python tape, Yamaha 400tx CD-R
       on Pentium 133 / 64 MB / Linux 2.1.90 (+ PnP patch applied)

With 5.0.8 version I indeed had some trouble, but you were fast and
sent patch for 5.0.9 at the right time. :)

I had to change one vremap to ioremap, ignore pci.h and
(they're all from 2.0.33 I presume).

Everything works stable as a rock (knock, knock...) :)

Keep up the good work!
Posted by Zlatko Calusic           E-mail: <Zlatko.Calusic at>
	      The UARTs won't take this speed, Captain.

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