FreeBSD AIC7xxxx -> PowerPC Mach Kernel?

Dan and Jill Caugherty billg at
Sun Mar 8 08:56:39 PST 1998


Hi! I have some questions (being very new to this list),
but I'll first fill you in on my quest:

Many of us Power Mac and clone users of MkLinux have
Adaptec 2940UW cards, and would love to use them under
MkLinux.  But the support just isn't there.

MkLinux device drivers, however, have a startling
resemblance to FreeBSD drivers.  Good news to some extent:
existing source in theory could be ported to the Mach
Kernel for these cards.

So, I was perusing the FreeBSD source base to size up
such an ordeal, and I wondering: does the source for
AIC7xxxx support exist as a standalone tarball?  I really
don't want to download the entire FreeBSD distribution
(it's not like I can use 99.9999% of it anyway).

Thanks in advance,
-- Dan C.

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