Problems with 5.0.0...

Tanvir Hassan tanvir at
Tue Jan 20 07:22:29 PST 1998

Well, I've been having problems with my Microp 4345 Ultra drive and the
Linux driver.  I tried the new patch to the 2.0.33 kernel and things
have actually gotten worse.  I have an aha2940au and the microp and a
Jaz disk.  The microp is set at 20Mb/s and the Jaz is set at 10Mb/s.

I have quake2 for Win95 installed on my microp which is a single fat32
partition (4Gb) at scsi id 0.  I symbolically link to the quake data
directory because I don't really want to use 400Mb on my Linux partition
(which is on my Jaz disk at scsi id 6).  I have the joliet-fat32 patch
applied to a virgin 2.0.33 kernel and now I have the new aic7xxx patch

Anyway, I try to run Linux quake2 and it crashes with infinite scsi
errors that say:

scsi0:0:0:0 No active SCB for reconnecting target -- Issuing BUS DEVICE
RESET.  SAVED_TCL=0x0, ARG_1 = 0xff, SEQADDR = 0x103

Any idea what could be going wrong?  I have the standard Jaz scsi cable
hooked up to my external port and a standard scsi internal cable hooked
up to my microp.  I think that all together the cable length is very
close to the 3m maxmimum for UltraSCSI.  I am pretty sure that the
termination  is correct (I do get a warning when the kernel boots).

I don't know what to do :-(...

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