Linux AHA-2940AU & Zip Plus problem (2.1.78)

Daniel M. Eischen deischen at
Thu Jan 15 10:11:58 PST 1998

> his happens a few times and then the scsi-system stops working. Both LEDs
> (Zip & Hostadapter) keep ON (not flickering as under normal transfers) and
> there's no further transfer.
> The only way to get out of this situation is to do a hardreset.

> My hardware is
?>         i586
>         AHA-2940AU (Only extern devices, therefore manual termination enabled)
>         HP Scanjet 4p
>         Iomega Zip Plus Drive

Most likely a cabling/termination problem.  Get an active
terminator for your chain and make sure you've got
good quality cables.  You've got two devices that
seem to have a history of having bad termination
(scanners and Zip drives).

Dan Eischen
deischen at

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