AIC7880/SMP Linux

Michael Arndt M.Arndt at
Sat Dec 26 02:34:00 PST 1998

Hello together,

i have a problem with Linux Kernel 2.1.131 and the aic7xxx driver.
When booting a 2.0.36 Kernel and before my SCSI Controller works
well. When trying to boot with 2.1.131 (with or without SMP) i get
the following errors:

scsi0:0:0:1:0 Parity error during data in Phase
return Code 18000002
extra data not valid Current error sd08:10: sns 70 b
scsidisk I/O error dev0810sectror 0
unable to read partition table

I have an Adaptec AIc 7889 Bios V1.14S2
and Mainboard is a Gigabyte 580 DX with 2x Pentium 160

Since i have not subscriped i am grateful if you send Tips
directly to me:
M.Arndt at


BTW: M Controller Settings are back to factory default so should be
very conservative
Im am booting from a Bootloader on a 2 GB SCSI disk which calls
Lilo on a 4 GB SCSI DISK. Booting works fine until the above mentioned
error appaers

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